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Vintrowear uses Google Checkout to make your vintage clothing-buying experience faster, more convenient, and more secure. Simply select the item or items you want to purchase by clicking the Add to Cart button next to the items.

How to checkout

When you’re ready to complete your purchase, click on the Google Checkout button. Sign up or sign in, review your order, and you’re done.


Vintage clothing is, by definition, pre-owned and pre-worn. Many of our items are over 30 years old and have experienced some wear and tear. Some of our items have obviously been well-loved. We have done our best to describe and/or photograph any flaws so you know exactly what you’re buying. If by some chance we have missed a glaring flaw that detracts from your ability to wear an item, please do contact us. However, imperfections are to be expected in vintage clothing. Please read the descriptions carefully.


All of our items have been professionally cleaned and pressed. We’ve done our best to catalog any remaining stains in the item descriptions. It may be possible to remove any stains that still remain with a little T.L.C., but please be mindful of the age of the fabric.


All items are measured lying flat, and all measurements are taken in inches.

To see if an item you’re purchasing will fit, measure a comparable garment of yours that fits comfortably. Be sure to base your comparison on the measurement of your garment, not your body. If you are measuring your own body, you will need extra space between your body and the garment, so please take this into consideration when making your decision.


We have described the color of all our garments using commonly-used names of color. From time to time we need to get creative, and use names such as “sea foam green” or “mauve.” If both the descriptions and the photographs still fail to accurately convey the color to you, contact us for more information. All photographs were taken in sunlight, which will hopefully give you a true sense of the actual color.


Any patterns will be described in the product’s description. In general, patterns can by summed up with standard terms such as “paisley” or “plaid.” Please refer to the photographs if you need additional information about the patterns, or contact us for more info.


If the item bears an original tag that indicates the fabric content, it will be included in the item description. If the fabric content tag is no longer attached to the garment, or if it’s unreadable, the fabric content will not be listed in the description. Please contact us, and we can make an educated guess for you. But please note, most western shirts are made out of a cotton-poly blend.


We sell, among others, the following brands:

We also have a selection of hand-made (hand-sewn) items. Some of our items no longer have a tag, and in that case the lack of a tag is indicated under “Brand” in the description.

International shipping

We ship internationally to most countries.

Sales tax

If you live in New York State, you will be charged the applicable sales tax rate. Our sales tax policy is subject to change based on governing sales tax laws and regulations.

Non-credit card purchases You may make your purchase through Google Checkout using American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and Visa Electron. See Google Checkout Buyer Help for more information. If you need to make a purchase using a money order, please contact Vintrowear directly. Sorry, we do not accept checks.

Ordering processing

Your order will be shipped within 2 days after the order has been processed.

Order status

Once your credit card has been charged for the purchase via Google Checkout, your item will be shipped and you will receive a confirmation notice to the email address on file with your Google Checkout buyer account.

Unavailable items

Each of our items is one-of-a-kind. It is possible that while we are processing your order, someone else may be in the final stages of completing their order against the same item. In this type of situation, the item will be sold to the first buyer to successfully place their order. From time to time, an item will be purchased, but the listing still exists on the website. In such cases, the quantity will read “0.” This means this item is not available for purchase.

Return policy


Purchasing is secure through Google Checkout.

Special requests

We plan on growing our inventory very soon. Contact us if you have a special request!


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